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Synapse Cardiovascular is compatible with many common systems.

Full integration

Synapse Cardiovascular is fully integrated with Fujifilm's portfolio of Synapse products, giving clinicians access to images and reports from other clinical specialties throughout the enterprise. Features such single sign-on, a common central archive, shared infrastructure that offers storage, scalability for concurrent users, disaster recovery and active monitoring streamline workflow and boost productivity for both users and IT. Secure web access makes these comprehensive and efficient capabilities available to clinicians working from all terminals.

Synapse Cardiovascular is also compatible with other hospital systems, including many common EMR, HIS and dictation systems. Fujifilm offers a full spectrum of options from turnkey systems hosted entirely in Fujifilm's Denver Data Center, to software installed only on a customer's existing IT infrastructure.

Vendor-neutral archiving (VNA)

With the ability to implement VNA at various tiers, Synapse Cardiovascular offers a hardware- and vendor-independent, single-enterprise archive with content that is accessible to all systems, eliminating the need to migrate data because of an application vendor replacement. The Synapse enterprise archive is designed for high availability for your largest volume and has unique capabilities when used with Synapse applications, including AON, Commonview and Power Jacket.

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