Advanced, Enterprise-capable, Secure

Advanced, Enterprise-capable, Secure

Fully-featured, secure access

Synapse Cardiovascular is packed with advanced features that efficiently and securely meet the specialized needs of multiple modalities. Synapse Cardiovascular can be used with Citrix or VMware to provide a web-based virtualized solution that is secure, fast, and high-quality.

VMware Citrix

Synapse 3D Integration with Synapse CV

Synapse 3D integration with
Synapse Cardiovascular

An enterprise solution

Fujifilm provides enterprise capability including archiving, DIACAP-certified security protocols, active monitoring and virtualization. Vendor- and hardware-neutral, Synapse Cardiovascular integrates with the widest variety of device vendors in the market. Full integration with Fujifilm's portfolio of Synapse products also offers access to advanced diagnostic and informatics capabilities, providing a cost-effective way to upgrade your facility to Fujifilm quality, service and support.


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Synapse Cardiovascular

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