Cardiac Specialty: Nuclear Cardiology

Nuclear Cardiology

User-specific processing and reviewing features

Synapse Cardiovascular facilitates comprehensive processing and review of nuclear medicine studies with a variety of flexible, workflow-boosting features:

  • Customized viewing options with a range of single- and multi-dimensional displays
  • Comprehensive QA displays that present raw data cines, surface, valve plane and polar map for verification of data input and processing
  • Database that is populated with common imaging protocols
  • Integrated Normals Database Generator that creates site-patient-, population- and protocol-specific normal data files

Robust software for advanced analysis

Synapse Cardiovascular's clinical visualization applications are driven by Invia's Corridor 4DMSPECT algorithms, which provide comprehensive image displays, including 3D surfaces, 2D polar maps and short axis images.

Validated algorithms include:

  • Systolic Function (LV Volumes, EF, Cardiac Output)
  • Regional Wall Thickening and Motion
  • Diastolic Function (Volumes, Filling and Emptying Rates)
  • Transient Ischemic Dilation (TID)
  • Myocardial Mass
  • Myocardial Tissue Classification (Normal, Ischemic, Scar)
  • Defect Size and Severity

Customizable reports

Synapse Cardiovascular's ICANL-compliant reporting capabilities are also tailored to your workflow: choose from a wide range of default and customized templates, or work with Fujifilm's expert reporting engineers to build a unique report to meet your needs.

Fully customizable reports include:

  • Bruce Protocol Nuclear Stress
  • Adenosine Nuclear Stress
  • Dobutamine Nuclear Stress
  • Myocardical Perfusion Report
  • Exercise Protocols:
    Bruce, Modified Bruce, Naughton and Manual
  • Pharmacologic:
    Adenosine, Walking Adenosine, Resting Adenosine, Dobutamine and Lexiscan


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