Cardiac Specialty: ECG Management

ECG Management

One system, multiple modalities

Powered by Epiphany Cardio, Synapse Cardiovascular's ECG features include single sign-on and single HIS connection for ADT/orders, billing, and results. Multi-vendor support is available for various modalities, including:

  • Resting ECG
  • Resting – 12 Lead
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Bedside Monitoring
  • Pulmonary Function Testing

Create reports with ease and efficiency

Synapse Cardiovascular simplifies reporting for electrocardiography management with a variety of pre-designed templates, as well as the option to easily customize reports based on your needs and preferences.

Standard ECG stress report templates include:

  • Bicycle Protocol
  • Bruce Treadmill Protocol
  • Combined Stress ECG/Stress
  • Echocardiogram Summary Report
  • Combined Stress ECG/Stress Nuclear
  • Cardiology Summary Report
  • Adenosine Stress Nuclear
  • Cardiology Report

User-friendly features boost efficiency and clinical confidence:

  • Use side-by-side viewing tool to simultaneously compare a stress echocardiogram, stress nuclear cardiology study and a stress ECG
  • Easily generate ICAEL/ICANL-compliant, comprehensive stress echocardiogram or stress nuclear cardiology reports

Go paperless with Stress ECG Lab Module

Synapse Cardiovascular directly interfaces with most stress-test systems. Since Synapse Cardiovascular accepts all ECG data in XML format, all numeric data directly populates the Synapse Cardiovascular database, as well as your clinical reports.

Synapse Cardiovascular's digital integration:

  • Facilitates faster turnaround time for final reports
  • Eliminates the need for hardcopies of stress ECG tracings
  • Reduces errors and redundant data entries
  • Helps automate the billing process
  • Accepts all tracings in PDF format
  • Single report for Stress Echo and Stress Nuclear


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