Cardiac Specialty: Cardiac Cath/Inv PV

New advanced reporting tools for invasive peripheral vascular

Reporting, fast and simple

Developed using a cardiologist-directed design process, Synapse Cardiovascular v5.1 optimizes workflow and enables rapid completion of detailed procedural reports.

The diagram-driven graphical user interface has workflow boosting features that include:

  • Report template and diagram pre-populated with lesion and device data
  • Drag-and-drop tools to make changes
  • WYSIWYG data exchange that allows user to see report update in real time
  • "Carry forward" function that moves data from previous lesion diagrams to the current diagram
  • Macros, One Click Normal, Dragon voice and pre-established comments to minimize typing

Powerful new features for cardiac cath

Synapse Cardiovascular manages information from both hemo and x-ray systems within a single, vendor-neutral database, allowing for the creation of highly detailed data summaries to streamline peer review, clinical best practice evaluation and business operations without the need for a standardized hemo systems across the enterprise.

Available diagrams for the cath module include:

  • Lt dominant
  • Rt dominant
  • Co dominant

View the cardiac catheterization video on this page to find out more about Synapse Cardiovascular's report-preparation enhancements.

New advanced reporting tools for cardiac catheterization


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